Who We Are

ACCT protects the interests of individual taxpayers -- not those of business or government.

ACCT protects the interests of individual taxpayers -- not those of business or government.


We respect Contra Costa's hard-working residents.

We strive to represent the long-term interests of individual taxpayers.

Alliance of Contra Costa Taxpayers ("ACCT") is an non-partisan, all-volunteer group of local government watchdogs and activists.  ACCT was formed in 1988 as an unincorporated association to exclusively represent the interests of individual taxpayers in the public policy arena.  

We expect local government to operate honestly, openly and deliver necessary services efficiently and cost-effectively.  We know that oversight by an informed citizenry is essential to good government.  

We are dedicated to the cause of freedom.  We have faith in the ability of individuals to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.  We think people can and should be free to determine their own destinies, without government interference.

We also recognize that keeping up with local government requires too much time and effort for the average resident, especially when many governing bodies meet on weekdays.  Even if they wanted to, most people can't take time off work to monitor what government is doing!

There are hundreds of local government agencies in Contra Costa.  Our network of volunteers monitors activities of Contra Costa County (including its pension system), 19 cities and 78 special districts in the county (including schools, utility and fire districts), in addition to numerous local joint powers and regional agencies with legal authority to tax and incur debt at Contra Costa residents' expense.  It's a tall order, but someone's got to do it!

ACCT is independent from corporate and government interests.  We avoid conflicts of interest because we're non-partisan, charge no dues, accept no funding or in-kind donations from businesses, special interests or government, and we don't endorse political candidates.  

We seek to preserve the personal and economic freedom of Contra Costa residents. We do this by advocating for smaller, cheaper, more limited government; and by exposing and eliminating government waste, fraud and corruption.

While other groups represent business and government interests, ACCT's sole focus is representing the long-term interests of individual taxpayers, including both residents and property owners.  

To increase ACCT's effectiveness, members actively network with other groups throughout California, including the Contra Costa Taxpayers AssociationNine-County Coalition, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, California League of Bond Oversight CommitteesCalTAX, California Taxpayers Action Network, California Grand Jurors' Association and numerous others.

Our goals include:

  • Focus on tax policy, fiscal responsibility, ethics and transparency issues of interest to Contra Costa taxpayers (local and regional agencies and, occasionally, statewide issues)
  • Bring expertise, judgment and a freedom-oriented limited government perspective to bear on public policy development by local government.
  • Resist creation of unnecessary agencies and "mission creep" expansion of non-essential local government programs.  
  • Advocate use of best practices and common sense strategies from both public and private organizations, to streamline and improve local government wherever possible.
  • Promote use of civil grand jury findings in formulating public policy of local agencies.